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Inventory Prep
& Kitting Services

Being your 3PL partner means we’re here to help. If your inventory arrives from your manufacturer, co-packer, or another warehouse, and needs an extra set of eyes, we can get everything in order before sending it out to your customers. From quality controls, to cycle counting, to bagging and boxing – whatever the project, we can help.

Our inventory department is designed to go the extra mile and make sure your products are good to go for order fulfillment

Turning Unboxings into Viral Sensations

Elevate Product Quality

Our meticulous quality controls ensure your products shine. We guarantee top-notch quality that delights your customers.

Hassle-Free Inventory Management​

Say goodbye to inventory headaches. Our cycle counting expertise streamlines your operations, so you can focus on growth.

Packaging Magic​

Transform your products into memorable experiences. Our customized packaging adds a touch of magic that sets you apart.

Turbocharge Order Fulfillment​

Supercharge your fulfillment process. With us, your inventory is always ready to roll, leading to lightning-fast order processing.

Precision & Accuracy​

Banish errors and discrepancies for good. Our eagle-eyed team ensures every detail is perfect, boosting your reputation.

Cost-Efficiency Redefined

Maximize profits with our cost-effective solutions. We’re not just logistics; we’re your secret to smarter spending.

Customer Love, Guaranteed.