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E-Commerce Fulfillment

Are you facing challenges with your current fulfillment provider, or still self-fulfilling orders? Remix Logistics is your tech-enabled 3PL partner that can help scale your brand. Most other 3PLs are bogged down by outdated technology and slow response times, turning small changes into lengthy and costly ordeals.

Best-in-class Fulfillment for Products Under 20 lbs.

Scale Operations and Achieve Unmatched Success.

As a leading player in the industry, we are dedicated to providing comprehensive and efficient order fulfillment solutions tailored to the unique needs of E-Commerce brands. Explore the core aspects of our fulfillment center and discover why we stand out as the preferred choice for high growth E-Commerce brands.

One-Click Integrations

Our software directly connects to most shopping carts, sales channels, and shipping carriers. What’s even better is that most integrations are as simple as one-click! No developers are needed and as soon as we connect to your store, we’ll start fulfilling orders.

Unmatched Efficiencies

We know that late, missing, or incorrect shipments are surefire ways to lose customers. Not only do we offer among the latest same day fulfillment cut off times of 2:00 PM EST, but we’re also 100% scan based. All product movements in our facilities are scanned via our handheld scan guns.

Built-In Rate Shopping

Our software automatically compares rates across all major shipping carriers to ensure you pay the lowest price possible for shipping every single time. We can also set different shipping rules and templates if you’d like to customize this process.

Customer Specific Procedures

Our team is trained on each of our brands to ensure we pack orders exactly the same way you would, each and every time!

Accurate Picking

Our software is great, and our team is even better! With a 0.01% error rate, mistakes are rare and you’ll never be charged for a fulfillment error.

Order Tracking in Real-Time

As soon as the order is shipped, your customer will be notified and will be able to track the delivery status until it hits their front door!

eCommerce Fulfillment Process



Connect your store and upload your inventory.


We’ll receive your products into our warehouse.


As soon as a customer places an order, we’ll pick, pack and ship it.

Frequently Asked Questions

We pick, pack, and ship orders Monday-Friday.

Our software will connect directly to your channels via an API or EDI connection.

Products will be stored on either pallets or in a picking bin.

No. We do not require our accounts to reach a monthly minimum!

Yes. We know how important your brand is and would love to use custom packaging.

Yes we will need access to your website so we can connect our software.

Yes, please work with your Account Manager.

Yes, we integrate with both and 40+ other shopping carts, channels, and carriers.

More Than Just Pick, Pack & Ship



We can assembly products and build kits upon request.

Returns Processing

We’ll get your returns received in quickly, exchanges sent out and focus on keeping the customer happy.

Poly Bagging/Bubble Wrapping

Some products need a little extra protection to ensure they arrive to your customers safely.

FBA Removals

We can handle FBA removals requests as well as individual items as well.

Carton/Pallet Forwarding

We can forward your master cartons and/or pallets directly to Amazon.

Product Labeling

Whether you need to apply an FNSKU, UCC-128 label, or something else, we have you covered!