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Integrations with Marketplaces, Tools and Shopping Carts

Remix Logistics offers an array of powerful solutions to simplify your order fulfillment processes and ensure customer satisfaction.

Seamlessly Connect Your Business

Remix Logistics provides direct integrations with popular online marketplaces, essential tools, and versatile shopping carts. Whether your sales channels include Shopify, Amazon, or other platforms, our software seamlessly connects to streamline your order fulfillment process.

Over 150+ Integrations.

Contact Us for a Full List.

API Capabilities

Our sophisticated API capabilities insures seamless connection and integration between all major channels acting as the perfect bridge between your needs and our services. This means super fast fulfillment, easy automation, customized fulfillment process and quick setup.

For you tech saavy folks…our system provides connections to all major a GraphQL and REST API, allowing seamless integration of various platforms with our fulfillment software through webhooks. 

The interface is user-friendly, catering well to developers

EDI Capabilities

Remix Logistics utilizes several third-party providers for effortless integration with retailers, enabling EDI-automated processes. We handle B2B orders by shipping to major stores and all physical retail outlets, ensuring full compliance with their requirements. For B2C orders, we manage shipments directly to consumers for purchases made on retailer websites. Our network extends to over 100 retailers throughout the USA and Canada.

CSV Upload

You can import orders using CSV files, enabling you to transfer orders from various platforms for fulfillment by Remix Logistics.

Manual Orders

Our system also provides the option for manual order creation. You have the ability to input order specifics and choose the products for shipment. Additionally, you can include extra notes for these manual orders and select your preferred shipping speed.

Frequently Asked Questions

Typically, inventory is received into our warehouse within 1 day of arrival. If products are missing correct inbound labeling requirements, that may delay receiving.

All products must have the Product Name / SKU and the number of units within each box labeled on the outside of the box.

Yes, we can simply forward both cartons and pallets on your behalf to Amazon.

Every request will be processed within 48 hours, however 90%+ of requests are processed within 24 hours.

Yes. Please contact your Account Manager, or our sales team to get started.

No, we’re happy to build kits to your specification regardless of size.

Every request will be processed with 48 hours, however 90%+ of requests are processed within 24 hours.

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