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Remix Logistics: Your 3PL Partner for D2C Startups

Remix Logistics revolutionizes 3PL services. We empower brands of all sizes with discounted rates and scalable solutions. Our clients achieved nearly 300% growth in 2023 and 900% since 2021. We’re your growth-focused 3PL partner!
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Welcome to Remix Logistics - The 3PL Partner for High Growth, Direct to Consumer Startup Brands.

Empowering Startup Growth with Tailored Fulfillment Solutions

Founded in 2021 in Buffalo, NY we set out to provide startup brands the order fulfillment experience they deserve. Gone are the days where only the big established brands have access to discounted rates and high-volume solutions. We believe brands of all sizes should have a 3PL partner in their corner who can help support growth, whether you’re growing from 5 to 50 daily orders, or 500 to 5,000 daily orders. Remix Logistics is here to support your daily operations and allow you and your team the ability to focus on scaling, and not picking, packing, and shipping orders.

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Fueling Success: How Remix Logistics Drove a 900% Surge in Brand Growth Since 2021

Since we got started, our brands collectively have seen nearly 300% growth in 2023 alone, and around 900% since our first partnership back in 2021. This level of growth is inherently challenging, and oftentimes, other 3PL providers simply cannot handle this ramp up in volume. Not only have we conquered the challenges faced thus far, but everything we do is done with this future growth in mind!

Remix Logistics: Your 3PL Partner in Business Growth and Success

Partner with a 3PL provider who actually cares about your business growth and will be in your corner fighting alongside you, every step of the way!
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